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Secretary's Message

Dear Parents / Folks,
With a proud joy and immense pleasure, we introduce Srishaileshwara Vidya Kendra (SSVK),a philanthropic institute founded in the year 1987 by (late) Shri S.V. Nanavate, my beloved father, a devout and visionary educationist.

Chidambar. S. Nanavate

Welcome to the "Shaila Parivar". At "Shaila Parivar" , we believe that every child is a god's gift born with nascent energy and strength which has to be realized. The only duty of the environment is to chisel and carve niche out a place in the global village.

Aptly the motto of our institute is "Journey towards wholeness...". The answer to the wholeness is wholeness. Sanskrit quote says

(Om, that is complete, this is complete, From the completeness comes the completeness, if completeness is taken away from completeness, only completeness remains Om, peace peace peace)

We are engaged in realizing the latent strength towards perfection through value based cultural education. The father of the Kannada Bhagavadgeethe, Praathahsmaraneeya Dr.D.V.Gundappa Quotes...

(New leaves and old roots are what makes a tress magnificent, New knowledge and old principles meld to become dharma. If wisdom of the sage can blend with the new science, it would be for the benefit of the humanity)

Every child is a treasure trove of talent and is designated to contribute for a better tomorrow. Our endeavor in the field of education is a humble effort, aiming to achieve higher goals and confidence in the young minds.

We earnestly appeal you to support our endeavor by joining your
children to "Shaila Parivar". We are with you to create change and
start your journey to create change.

Chidambar. S. Nanavate,